Sunday, March 7, 2010

Warning: The Following Features Bones

UK artist Ebony Bones' Bone Of My Bones album has been on rotation on-and-off in my notebook for a few weeks now (it's finally getting an Aus release thru Shock). And every listen changed what I thought about it. Impressive or too late on the Santigold bandwagon? First there was the whacky image to contend with - Ms Bones (born Ebony Thomas) looks like Lene Lovich threw up on MIA... could too much thought be going into image instead of sound? Then there was the past - she once starred in bad UK soap Family Affairs (it was really really awful... and I like my UK soaps). But hey, even the great singer Sheila Chandra started in Grange Hill. But in the end, it was the way Bones evoked a style of '80s rhythmic electrofunk that won over. Not for her the typical '80s influences but rather something more akin to the likes of Pigbag, King Trigger or Rip Rig & Panic - it probably helps that The Damned's drummer Rat Scabies works on music with her. Supposedly she is working on an album with the Symphony Orchestra Of India and that at least has to be interesting. You can get an idea from the below clip, for The Muzik, that came out last year just before she blew up at SxSW - ah well, better late than never on the bandwagon at all.

'The Muzik' - Ebony Bones:

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Adam Askew said...

have you finished your Tribute To Martin Kemp death mix yet?