Sunday, March 21, 2010

Death Of A Disco Dancer – Lawrence Cassidy R.I.P.

Only just read in The Independent that unsung UK post-punker Lawrence Cassidy passed away age 56 on 27 February. Cassidy formed the band Section 25 in Blackpool in 1978 - by 1980 they were not only signed to the legendary Factory label but their debut single 'Girls Don't Count' was co-produced by Ian Curtis. The track featured the dark and stark sound of the UK's trenchcoat brigade which led to them often being seen as Joy Division also-rans - an unfair generalisation:

But after an album in a similar vein, Always Now produced by Martin Hannett, they moved in a more electro/club direction and began recording with Bernard Sumner. The band also recruited women into the line-up, including Cassidy's wife Jenny (who died in 2004). Section 25 were transformed into a funkily-driven sound yet still draped in an enigmatic moodiness. And, like all Factory bands their history has become shrouded in myths: like New Order, one of their releases had artwork designed by Peter Saville that required such intricate manufacturing that it couldn't possibly make money; The Smiths' Johnny Marr was asked to join the band in 1983, etc... The band had recently reformed to play live shows (including gigs with Peter Hook that saw them covering Joy Division songs). '90s dance fans may also know Section 25 for being sampled by Orbital and The Shamen. The song both artists bit from was 'Looking From A Hilltop':

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