Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Fleece - Death Mix

blimey, i've been fleeced!
Exclusive mix from mythological Melbourne producer Golden Fleece. Some say the Golden Fleece has wings and can fly, others report a faint British accent. All we can say is keep your ear to the ground and eyes to the skies. More will be revealed soon...

'Death Mix' by Golden Fleece (direct link)
Make Up - 'I Am Pentagon' (Sea Note)
Golden Fleece - 'Orange' unreleased
Jarvis Cocker - 'You're In My Eyes (Discosong) Pilooski edit' CD-R
? - 'Cosmic Dust (PH edit)' CD-R
Gene Clarke - 'No Other' (Asylum Records)
Higamos Hogamos - 'Infinity Plus One' (DC Recordings)
The Besnard Lakes - 'Albatross' (Jaq Jaquwar)
Golden Fleece - 'Miss Dolly Parton' (Mixed Blood Cuts)

Golden Fleece's debut 12" is due out soon on Richard Sen's Mixed Blood Cuts. More releases to follow, including a 12" on Maxi Discs.

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