Thursday, October 18, 2012


One day... I Will Put Away My Records.
Off the cuff mix of records lying around my record room.

Questions I should probably ask myself:

"If I leave these records in a semi-unfiled pile, they'll eventually make it to the shelves, right"?

"If I take a record and inner sleeve, put it in my record bag, play it out, take it out AND then put it another pile later on. I'll remember exactly where the original outer sleeve is, right?"

Bizzy B - 'Solomon B' (Jack Street)
Hollywood - 'I Like To Freak' (Play House Records)
The Sweat Boyz - 'Do You Want To Jack?' (West Madison Street)
Zage 1 1/4 - 'Funtime (Free Fall mix)' (EFF Records)
DJ John Collins - 'Yeah' (UR)
Fantasy Club - 'Mystery Girl (4 Track mix)' (Int. House Records)
Jammin Gerald - 'U Feel' (Dance Mania)
Baby Ford - 'Reprise' (Rhythm King)
Bidi - 'Parties' (Relief)
The Brat Pack - 'So Many Ways (Pump It mx)' (Vendetta)
DJ Funk 1 - 'Native Beats / Digital House' (Underground Trax)
Hieroglyphic Being - 'Shikaakwa' (SOTU)

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