Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tonight's The Nite Jewel

LA-grounded outfit Nite Jewel is mainly a musical project of Romana Gonzalez with sometime assistance from husband Cole MGN (of Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti), Emily Jane (of The Bubonic Plague) and Corey Lee (aka Corey Lee Granet of The Warlocks). They sound nothing like you'd expect that combo of hipster types to resemble at all. Nite Jewel create a cosmic pop/lo-fi disco hybrid that is sweet. Yep, sweet. First catching attention with the My CD/Your CD release(s) in 2008 which featured the waiting-for-a-Baleric-revival, wonky disco 'Suburbia' - resurfacing as a 7" last year. The Nite Jewel brand has also appeared on two of this year's best remixes: 'Odessa' by Caribou and 'Die Slow' by Health. Now Nite Jewel are offering a free download of 'Tonight', a cover of a track by cult San Fran club enigma Prophet from 1984. Thank them first for such a great song (and gesture) and then, if you've previously been ignorant of Prophet, thank them for making you aware.

Nite Jewel - 'Tonight'
Prophet - 'Right On Time'

Nite Jewel - 'Suburbia'

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