Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Delicate Genius - Death Mix

catz eyezIn the grip of a female voice.

A brand new Death Mix from The Delicate Genius.
7 records from near (as in recently released) and far...

'Death Mix' by The Delicate Genius (direct link)

Super Wild Horses - 'Blood' (Aarght!)
Pulsallama - 'Oui Oui (A Canadian In Paris)' (Y Records)
Camera Obscura - 'You Told A Lie' (4AD)
Stereolab - 'Tempter' (Sub Pop)
Effi Briest - 'Chromes On It' (Skinny Wolves Records)
Pollyester - 'Round Clocks' (Love In C Minor)
Bush Tetras - 'Things That Go Boom In The Night' (Fetish)

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