Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Holy Mountain Of One

With connections to ye olde Ibiza faves Chicane ('Offshore' was remixed to death in '96), A Mountain Of One seemed an unlikely contender to lead the way in all things psychedelically disco - but here it is. AMOO is made of Leo Elstob (the Chicane connection as he was in Disco Citizens with Chicane's Nick Bracegirdle - and that name still makes me snigger), Mo Morris and Zeb Jameson (played keys with indie types Dodgy and less indie types Travis). They've been kicking around a while but new cut 'Bones' is bound to garner them even more VIP buddies than they already have (they being down with Noel Fielding and all). But it's not so much the OG version of 'Bones' that's getting the peyote juices flowing (not that it's not a half-bad shuffler itself) but rather it's the Way Of The Ancients Remix that nails the desert disco balance where America (the band) meets Italy (the country). The remix is by none other than the Rub-N-Tug expert Thomas Bullock (also of Map Of Africa notoriety). Out on the Mountain label, you can buy it at Juno, Rough Trade or anywhere else that has a 'disco/nu-disco' section for stocking such releases.
A Mountain Of One - 'Bones (Thomas' Way Of The Ancients Remix)'

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