Monday, July 20, 2009

Woolfy & Clubby

NY disco baron Woolfy has finally released his official debut album (he released a Woolfy Vs Projections album last year - more on the dub disco tip). And it brings together cuts that have been floating around for nearly half-a-decade. The Woolfman's name has been linked to the likes of The Glimmers and, more importantly, DJ Harvey. He's remixed the likes of The Voices and The Tough Alliance and had his edits released on comps alongside Idjut Boys and Faze Action. He's been courted by hipster brands from Modular and Plant Music to Permanent Vacation and They Shoot Homos Don't They - and his name can be traced back to releases on Guidance at the start of the decade. The album, "If You Know What's Good For Ya!!" is part-strictly-disco, part-indie-dance... depending which period it's curated from. But it's the deeply disorienting disco that he does best and his 'Odyssey' single from '07 appears here in all its sinew-y stylised cosmic glory. The rest moves through shouty digifunk and the busy Heaven 17-grooves. There's everything from knees-go-elastic rhythms to a lump-in-your-throat ballad. Out on Rong, via DFA, and Stomp in Aus.

Watch the vinyl... it's an 'Odyssey':