Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colour Me Ssion

Okay, it might seem a little late to just be jumping on the Ssion bandwagon at this point in time but, as the mumsaying goes, better late than wanking off over Lady Gaga. The first time I spotted Ssion across the dancefloor I thought they may have been trying too hard to be to-queer-for-beer, y'know... "not ANOTHER bunch of scary queer cashers?" But then I couldn't resist it when they shot a load of 'Street Jizz' my way. Talk about happy endings. But I was completely smitten by the time they got all fembeat on my ass with 'The Woman' - it's the sequel to Helen Reddy we've all been waiting for... Madonna, eat me! (Actually, no don't eat me... not into GILFing). I finally threw away my Promise Ring and promised Ssion a different ring when they covered Young Marble Giants' 'Credit In A Straight World' (also reworked by Hole back in the day when Courtney Love seemed most likely to snatch Reddy's crown). And even though I caught Ssion with another cover I didn't care - the more the merrier. So, Kansas City kids Ssion have had a go at Iggy Pop's 'Nightclubbing' and done it as much justice as Grace Jones did with back in '78.

Ssion - 'Nightclubbing':

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