Monday, January 12, 2009

All Tomorrow's Parties - Mt Buller Pt 2

ATP was ace!

Great location, not crowded, and hardly any dickheads.

The "light show" during Spiritualized's set; Primitive Calculators singing about 'Nothing'; Afrirampo's inter-song poetry and Nick Cave face mask; crowd participation during The Reels' rendition of 'This Guys In Love With You'; pogoing to The Saints; Harmonia in the Amphitheatre; mooning friends from the chairlift.

Back-2-back hangovers; missing the Louis Wain exhibition; sunburn; friends having to catch the last bus off the mountain @ 12:30am; the random fire alarm at our hotel; cockatoo roadkill.

(hover your mouse over the pics for details)
Primitive Calculators from the hill
Primitive Calculators - main stage
Fuck Buttons
Harmonia @ the Amphitheatre
The Reels in the sunshine

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