Sunday, January 11, 2009

All Tomorrow's Parties - Mt Buller Pt 1

Australia's first All Tomorrow's Parties festival happened on the weekend at Victorian alpine region Mt Buller. Curated by Nick Cave, it was an orgy of chin-stroking music, film and art. Despite causing near-heart attacks for many of the oldies who are more used to bar-crawls than mountain climbing, there was a breath-taking selection of sounds on display. Highlights included reformed Oz icons The Saints, Primitive Calculators, The Reels and Laughing Clowns. Internationals who impressed were UK post-nu rave rock duo Fuck Buttons and German noodlers Harmonia. Great moments: Primitive Calculators internal heckling; Reels' Dave Mason's audience heckling; Fuck Buttons demented drum bashing; Bad Seed/Dirty Three member Warren Ellis skipping up to the front of stage to dance to The Reels' 'Bad Moon Rising'; Grinderman 'suprise' set; Bad Seeds live rendition of 'We Call Upon The Author'; the chair lift view of Robert Forster's bald spot; Cave shopping with his kids; seeing hipsters Drones on a chair lift ride; the views. Lowlights: walking the hills...

Cave's thumbs up to fans on Mt Buller's main thoroughfare:

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