Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out In The Sticks - Death Mix

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold - a brand new 30min master mix from Sydney production unit Out In The Sticks. I can't tell you too much about these guys... all I know is that they smell like Eucalyptus and wear alot of corks on their hats.

'Death Mix' by Out In The Sticks (direct link)

Paperclip People - 'Throw' (Open)
LeoZero - 'Pull Up' CD-R
Timmy Thomas - 'Why Can't We Live Together? (AA edit)' CD-R
Rhythm Control - 'My House' (Catch A Beat)
Logic - 'The Warning' (BITE Records)
The Revenge - 'Night Flight' (Jiscomusic)
The Joubert Singers - 'Stand on the Word (HC edit)' CD-R
Out in the Sticks - 'In the Dark' (Five20East recs)
Out in the Sticks - 'Forget M'edit' (Disco Deviance)
Out in the Sticks - 'My Super Lady' CD-R
Out in the Sticks - 'Keep on Dancin' CD-R
Congos vs George Kranz - AA edit CD-R
Village - Untitled (Big Bear)
Altz - 'Jino' (Bear Funk)
Mr Fingers - 'Stars' (Jack Trax)
Joie Noire - 'Jammaster (Joie Noire re-edit)' (D-Classics)

Out In The Sticks debut 12" is set to drop on UK label Disco Deviance early net year. Keep your eye on Five20East for more new OITS music.


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Adam Askew said...

i need a Babel Fish!