Sunday, December 14, 2008

Neighbourhood Watch - French Rockets, WA

As the inevitable backlash unfairly sets in for Perth psych export Tame Impala, the industry part of the local 'music industry' knows that means crossover success is just around the corner (when early adopters turn on they adopted early it means the suburbs are buzzing so the EAs need to find a new obscurity to celebrate until the cycle starts moving round again... and, so on). So, of course, we return to Perth for the Next-Could-Be-Big-Thing. Enter: French Rockets. With just enough psych-influence to be tarred with a brush that can have us screaming, "Perth's the new San Fran," this trio actually lean a little (okay, A LOT) toward the post-nu gaze scene (take note of their influences as listed on MySpace) and, in a darkened room with a handful of Qaaludes, can at times remind us of classic Mebz old gazers Ripe.

So, folks are sniffing around and soon another west coast trio should be hip to a hipster label. But because there won't be any new material just yet, familiarise yourself with the kinda tuneage that got 'em noticed in the first place.

French Rockets - 'Scopin' The Radar'

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