Friday, November 21, 2008

Nick Name - Death Mix

Nick Name from London-based record label Care In The Community Recordings has put together a 30min label showcase. A great mix of music - taking in leftfield, rock, funk and cosmic sounds. Including forthcoming releases from Lark and Aaron Islamb (from The Bees).

'Death Mix' by Nick Name (direct link)

Wight Light Orch. – 'Chaos and Consciousness (P.1)' (CITC recordings)
Aaron Islamb – 'Cover Up (Hauschka version)' (CITC recordings)
Lark – 'The Animal’s Claw (In Flagranti edit)' (CITC recordings)
Lark – 'Hatbox (The Bees version)' (CITC recordings)
Lark – 'Wet Dream' (CITC recordings)
Aaron Islamb – 'Cover Up' (CITC recordings)
Lark – 'Tardis' (CITC recordings)

Track down Care In The Community's limited vinyl-only releases in all discerning record stores.

If you're up for more Community Sounds, catch Nick's radio show on Brooklyn Radio.

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