Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch - The Cactus Channel

The Cactus Channel is a Melbourne ensemble of musicians making some of the funkiest tunes in Australia right now. And they've only just finished school - in fact, their new single was recorded while finishing their final months of study at high school. The two new tracks 'Emanuel Ciccolini' and 'Budokan' are getting release on 7" vinyl through Hope Street Recordings - also home to The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and The Bombay Royale. While 'Ciccolini' is lean superfunk, 'Budokan' is a lights-down/pimp-out soundtrack. An album is promised mid-year.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving this. Where was this school in the 8Ts?
btw it was the 20th Anniversary of the 'Night of No Drummers' gig at The Tote recently. Things have changed, but I think they changed back when I wasn't looking.