Saturday, February 18, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch - Congo Tardis #1

Melb-based nouveau tropicale outfit Congo Tardis #1 have materialised into 2012 with a three-track release, led by the jittering and bugged out 'Wild 'N' Ready'. Way ahead of the local club curve (those mainrooms are all about the wub wub), 'Wild 'N' Ready' features some crazed toasting from Damajah - so good not to hear another feeble pop rap flow. But that's not enough for this crew, there's also the calypso-dub 'Sweet Lime', which is worthy alone for its inclusion of a featured guest with the name Marawa The Amazing. It nods to Harry Nilsson's 'Coconut', utilising his famed refrain, "Put de lime in de coconut and drink em both up". ['Coconut' was also covered by Dannii Minogue in 1998.] It concludes with an accelerated Faux Pas remix of 'Doala'. Available to buy on vinyl or download.

Sweet Lime by Congo Tardis#1 from jeanpoole on Vimeo.

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