Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All Your Acid House Dreams At Once

texta house
Chris 'Bam Bam' Westbrook has put his Roland TB-303 synthesizer up for sale on eBay. For a 'buy it now' price of only USD$10,000, you too can live out your acid house dreams. The silver box's previous owner was little know Chicago native Marshall Jefferson, who managed to bang out the acid classics 'I've Lost Control' (Sleezy D) and 'No Way Back' (Adonis), before moving it onto Bam Bam (for 150 bucks!).

This follows Jesse Saunders attempt to sell the original master tape of 'On & On' on eBay a few weeks back (the auction was passed in).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anthony Carew - Death Mix

Phantom Space was/is the Place?Recently adding 'outlawed blogger' to his CV; music journalist, film critic and broadcaster Anthony Carew champions the kinds of artists who make 'indie' seem mainstream. However, penning for a variety of street press as well as Rolling Stone, Melbourne broadsheet daily The Age and online hub aboutmusic, Carew declares that he has spoken to both "the incredibly famous" and "the instantly obscure". His musical taste is as immaculate as his on-air manner (he hosts a weekly program on public radio station 3RRR). And, despite his virtual rubbing of shoulders with the blogospherical underbelly, we dare play host to a set of tunes he has spliced together for the normally squeaky-clean DoaDD blog. So with the possibilty that his We People Space With Phantoms blog may never return, we offer you this fix of Carewebbery.

'Death Mix' by Anthony Carew (direct link)

Elk - 'Sarah' (Shape Up Records)
Gardens & Villas - 'Orange Blossom' (Secretly Canadian)
Ryskee feat Jenny Wilson - 'Horrors Of Love (Jamaica's Rmx)' (Kitsune)
Purity Ring - 'Ungirthed' (Transparent)
Sleep ∞ Over - 'Romantic Streams' (Hippos In Tanks)
Psychic Reality - 'Fanta' (Not Fun Records)
The Deeep - 'Slow Coaster' (Not Not Fun Records)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

More Melbourne based food for though... hmmm.

Daydream-y pop from Lowtide. The sun might be setting, but the tide is out. 7" and digital out now.

THE PRINCE OF SEAGULLS - Car Accident by Harmon

Exciting stuff from brand new duo The Prince Of Seagulls. Expect a full album before the end of the year.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Delicate Genius - Death Mix

micro dottoRecorded live at DoADD studio north.

Science faction and romance in a midnight world.
AKA Aretha in outer space.

'Death Mix' by The Delicate Genius (direct link)

Model 500 - 'Light Speed (unreleased vers.)' (NDATL Muzik)
Infiniti - 'Coffeeshop Connection' (Tresor)
Mad Mike - 'Lo-Tech Reality' (Underground Resistance)
UR - 'In Or Out? (Wishywashy mix)' (Underground Resistance)
Wax Master & DJ Rated X - 'Foot Work (rmx)' (Dance Mania)
Armando & Steve Poindexter - 'Blackholes' (Muzique Records)
Grand High Priest - 'Mary Mary (orig mix)' (We-Ze Records)
TNT - 'L8' (Spectral Sound)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watch Roots Manuva Dance

British hip hop's most celebrated exponent Roots Manuva seems to have done a 'Dizzee' and got down with the club kids. However when Manuva does it, it's not with Dizzee-style collab partners like Armand Van Helden or Shakira. Nup, Manuva rolls with a higher class of dance boffins altogether. And, that's why one of the year's catchiest UK funky tracks witnesses the fitness of grime upstart Toddla T and the grandad of indie dub Andrew Weatherall on 'Watch Me Dance' with Manuva. Grimey Sheffield lad T has worked with Manuva previously (eg 2008's Slime & Reason), before T became a mainstream go-to remixer through work with Tinchy Stryder, Hot Chip and Ladyhawke. In the meantime, Weatherall has quietly been releasing some of his best work in recent years despite many considering his golden period as the time he spent remixing indie bands in the '90s. Weatherall's work with Harvey, Fuck Buttons and David Holmes, as well as his 2009 A Pox On The Pioneers album, is not only in a league of its own - other players can't even get in the draft for it. Manuva + T + Weatherall = superfunkpunkdub. Listen to the remix, out now thru Ninja Tune, and then wrap your eyes around the clip of the OG radio cut - Manuva looks like he fell into a Clavin Harris set.
Toddla T - 'Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva)' (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by toddla_t

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Death Of A Disco Dancer - Blue Jean

New Jersey House producer Blue Jean was killed in a hit and run accident last Friday night. Blue Jean had a string of great 12"s in the late 80's and early 90's. One of my favourite producers, his records had a strong NJ vibe, but always stuck out to me. Something about them is off-kilter, deep and fresh.