Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Delicate Genius - Death Mix

micro dottoRecorded live at DoADD studio north.

Science faction and romance in a midnight world.
AKA Aretha in outer space.

'Death Mix' by The Delicate Genius (direct link)

Model 500 - 'Light Speed (unreleased vers.)' (NDATL Muzik)
Infiniti - 'Coffeeshop Connection' (Tresor)
Mad Mike - 'Lo-Tech Reality' (Underground Resistance)
UR - 'In Or Out? (Wishywashy mix)' (Underground Resistance)
Wax Master & DJ Rated X - 'Foot Work (rmx)' (Dance Mania)
Armando & Steve Poindexter - 'Blackholes' (Muzique Records)
Grand High Priest - 'Mary Mary (orig mix)' (We-Ze Records)
TNT - 'L8' (Spectral Sound)

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