Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Wave Hookers 4

no means yes?Making waves since 2003.

Parts 1 and 2 are long gone.

The cult continues.

No Wave Hookers 4 by thedelicategenius

Based on a live-to-air set I did for Andee Frost's 'No Way Back' radio show - which turned out pretty good - so I thought I'd re-mix the mix and make a CD.

Golden Fleece - 'Egg On Legs' (La Belle Records)
Jus' Friends - 'As One (Rmx dub)' (Massive B)
In Flagranti - 'Worse For Wear' (Codek Records)
Tevo Howard - 'Frequent Digitals' (edit)
B12 - 'Obsessed' (Warp Records)
Hunee - 'A Leaf For Hand In Hand' (Ostgut Ton)
Virgo Four - 'It's A Crime (Caribou rmx)' (Rush Hour Recordings)
Barada - 'Stranger Daze' (edit)
Cosmin TRG - 'Liebe Suende' (Rush Hour Recordings)
Ten City - 'That's The Way Love Is (Deep House mix)' (Atlantic)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

A few advance release Melbourne tracks I've been playing recently.

Tracks from a new Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party 7". Due out soon, or maybe even now. The 'Echo Park' album from last year is a real sleeper. Check J Hawk's 'Death Mix' from 2009 too.

Debut single from fresh new 3-piece Pearls. Torch songs for people with credit in the straight world. More songs due out soon.

Refrigerator - Ana Nicole by Girls Who Smoke Poke
Another ace 3-piece. Only a handful of gigs and they're already building a strong live following. Demo's are on the money. www.ananicole.net for updates.

Egg On Legs by Golden Fleece
Late night shifty business from Golden Fleece. Following his 12" on Mixed Blood Cuts and a great 'Death Mix' from last year. Due out soon on Golden Bug's new label La Belle Records.

New music from Crackpot. Lead off track from forthcoming album 'The Gentle Art of Making Enemies', also featured on the jam-packed 'Music From The Late Show' CD. Sweet as.

What I Learnt About Australia

I recently came back from a three week trip to Europe. Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam. Sometimes it's nice to be away from home, but whenever I'm overseas I inevitably find myself looking-out for references of home. Not because I feel particularly homesick. It's just interesting to see how different lands and people see your home. So, how do Europeans see Australians? Or more accurately, how did I see Australia in Europe?

frog + legs. Jardin De Plantes, Paris
On more than one occasion I was asked where I was from, and this was uniformly followed by "Australia? That's so far away". Which, I guess is pretty true. After almost 20 hours of economy air travel (one way), there's no room to hide. I managed to catch 'Crocodile Dundee' on both French and German television (dubbed into each respective language). In France it seemed to be on repeat for a few nights. Channel 9 rural drama-soap 'Mcleod's Daughters' was also on French TV. On German TV, I saw a talent show contestant attempt his best Brian Johnson / AC/DC impression. He sang 'Thunderstruck'. The judges laughed. He didn't win.

currywurst from Konnopke's Imbiss, Berlin
In Prenzlauer Berg, near where I stayed in Berlin, there was an Australian pub called 'Uluru Resort'. I didn't venture inside, but from the other side of the street it looked pretty busy. The English-Australian accent might be a beautiful and lyrical thing, but in a sea of French, German and Dutch, it did stick-out a little. I came across a few fellow Australians on my travels, and almost every time, I heard them before I saw them.

cake-like snack, Amsterdam
In record stores I dug up quite a few Australian artists. Black discs from INXS, Severed Heads and Hunters & Collectors. One store in Paris had a stack of Kylie picture discs filed away under the racks. Records from groups like The Triffids, The Church and The Go-Betweens also popped up. It was nice to see Robert, Lindy and Grant looking back at me (on the cover of 'Send Me A Lullaby') in a record store in Amsterdam. Sure, they might not have been as popular as Mick's knife or Linda Kozlowski in a pair of g-string bathers, but at least they made it over.