Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghost Wave Hunting

Having recently become smitten with NZ Arch Hill recording artists, punk grrrls (and guy), Street Chant on their recent visit to Aus, it became clear that this label has well and truly stamped itself as a fitting contemporary of Flying Nun. Run by members of former Nun bands Jean Paul Sartre Experience and Superette, Arch Hill not only released The Bats last album (they are now back at Flying Nun with their new album Free All Monsters) but also past Nun acts The Clean and David Kilgour. But they can also count the post-Nun band Surf City amongst their numbers. So in playing catch-up on the label (y'know how it is, now have to pretend to having known all about them from way back in the day) a care package of Arch-ness was acquired. The pack included a new release from NZ icon Kilgour and also music by newer bands Ghost Wave and the jangly Family Cactus. All top quality but a definite stand-out is the seven-track Ghost Wave EP. Released back in April, the EP is a delirious mix of fuzz pop and Beach Boys harmonies - a sort of Underground Jesus And Mary Byrd Lovers Chain. Having missed this upon its issue date it's a relief to finally catch up on one of 2011's highlights - here's one of the EP's most outstanding moments, the haze of guitars that is 'Hippy'.
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Hippy by Ghost Wave

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