Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Down On Bleeding Knees

Queensland's Bleeding Knees Club lost their Virginity when they released a five-track EP of that name a little while back. Not sure how they slipped by for that amount of time because they are now a firm listening favourite - and carpet-burned knees has become a way of life. The two brothers play lo-fi garage punk in the vein of Harlem and Male Bonding, citing the surf punk scene as a primary influence. There's not much more that can be said except to make sure your year doesn't end without experiencing some Knee action. Now signed with the I Oh You mob, you can download some tracks for free or purchase the entire Virginity EP from your local iTunes or some such shop of music sales.

Bleeding Knees Club - 'I'

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Nikki Sarafian said...

this has been on repeat for at least half an hr.