Saturday, October 9, 2010

Countdown To Leo Zero

UK DJ/blogger/tune-editor Leo Zero has been quietly posting edits and remixes online for some time now. He seems willing to tackle any genre or any artist - from Freddie Mercury and Bryan Ferry to Massive Attack and Nas (even Empire Of The Sun). As a promoter he's drawn in the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Bow Wow Wow's David Barborosi and Rusty Egan to play his parties - honouring his wonky dance roots while placing them in a modern context, not just going for a retro bandwagon jump. Zero's own past has involved Chicane (who also spun off A Mountain Of One) and being championed by Idjut Boys and Harvey. In 2004 he caused a buzz with his rework of Lou Reed's 'Satellite Of Love' and last year remixed Zarrylade ('Eyes Above Your Head' was one of last year's slow growers). Now he is dazzling with a northern soul inspired remix of 'No Tears To Cry', lifted from one of the albums of the year, Wake Up The Nation by the man with the best hair in music Paul Weller. He's also putting his artful touch to newer indie music like 'Skin Orders' by LA rockers Historics. He's creating post-Balearic bagginess.

Historics 'Skin Orders' ( Leo Zero Remix) by Leo Zero

Paul Weller - 'No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix)'

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