Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Do You Spell 'Autre Ne Veut'?

With more than just a passing nod to the likes of The Associates' Billy MacKenzie, the pop troubadour is king again. Vocal histrionics and pop electronics are bedfellows once more. It could be heard as far back as Antony Hegarty's collaboration with Hercules & Love Affair in 2008 and it's there on Parenthetical Girls' 'Young Throats' from their new Privilege EP. But quite possibly the most likely contender to be passed the late MacKenzie's mantle is Autre Ne Veut. The NY lad's self-titled album (on Olde English Spelling Bee) is non-ironic falsetto, lo-fi R&B electro arrangements and post-Balearica. The album, released last week, was preceded by clips for a few album cuts ('OMG', Soldier') that go some way to indicating what lies ahead but the ten tracks of the self-titled Autre NV album need to be heard in context of each other - just as listening to the entirety of The Associates' Sulk made the seemingly 'novelty' value of MacKenzie's vocals, on the band's singles, make perfect sense.

Autre Ne Veut - 'Wake Up'

Autre Ne Veut - 'Soldier'

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