Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Still Play Vinyl Because...

dj booth multitasking, 2010
A few years back lots of people were talking about the death of vinyl, except now it's 2010 and black data discs are still not dead. In fact, it looks like vinyl might be making a comeback. Could it be true? People always bang on about how good vinyl sounds (and looks), but what's the real reason DJs still play records?

"I still play vinyl, because... "

- my Mum wont let me use her credit card on Beatport.

- it's a good opportunity to borrow the house needles and swap my old styli over.

- I can't get enough of trolly bags with telescopic handles.

- turntables make me feel nostalgic, plus they're a handy place for me to rest my drinks.

- when I'm famous, a framed gold USB stick wont look as good hanging in my toilet.

- I love the sound of oxidized SL1200 headshell inputs.

- the new CDJ 2000 still doesn't have a 'dust bunny' mode.

- I have half a crate of upfront white labels for sale.

- I don't read enough books to fill up the shelves of my Ikea Expedit.

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