Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Records I Stole From My Father - Pt.7

another orange label
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - 'Girl From The North Country' (1969)

When my parents moved house in the early 90s they lost their record room. My Dad's stereo system made the move, but it was never plugged in and set-up. By this time my sisters and I had well and truly won the battle of the family sound systems. We each had our own stereos, where we played our own music, at our own volume and at our own time. Coincidently a few of Dad's records started relocating downstairs into my collection. Bob Dylan was one of the first migrants. My Dad didn't have his classic early albums (the ones the rock magazines told you to buy), but it turns out he did have quite a few of his mid-period LPs (the ones internet sites tell you to buy now). Dylan was mainly electric and Christian in our household. He sounded romantic, faraway and nasally to my ears, and I kind of liked it.

I was going to pick 'Lay Lady Lay', but I also really like 'Girl From The North Country'. It has that guy that made the prison record singing on it.


dom said...

did you know bob dylan is the only guy to have smoked a joint on top of the white house?

Adam Askew said...

with Willie Nelson?