Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Favourites - Part 1

oh nine 1
Ten of our favourite tracks from oh-nine.

'2009 Favs - Pt.1' mixed by Adam Askew (direct link)

The Horrors - 'Who Can Say' (XL Recordings)
Super Wild Horses - 'What Started The Noise' (Aarght!)
Air - 'Sing Sang Sung' (Virgin)
JTC feat Rodger Devine - 'The Monolith' (Nation)
Seldom Felt - 'Seldom Felt 05' (Seldom Felt)
Kasabian - 'Secret Alphabets' (Paradise)
Pollyester - 'Round Clocks' (Love In C Minor)
Cobra Killer - 'Goodtime Girl' (Monika Enterprise)
Kurt Vile - 'He's Alright' (Matador)
Brain Children - 'Tastes Of Iron' (Stained Circles)

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Kapitolina said...

Yay - Horrors and Kurt Vile. Are you coming to see The Horrors this month boys?