Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Movement - Two Drummers

Perth (or P-Town as one local referred to it) played host to international(esque) music conference/festival One Movement on the weekend. The music may have too often strayed close to the centre-of-the-freeway but there was enough buzz/fuzz-inducing moments to make those of us there want this to become an annual event (music + sun = fuck yeah!). And the crazy-ass drum-off by Sydney's Philadelphia Grand Jury that closed the weekend has already reached legendary status.

One Movement in One Minute: Tomas Ford - Perth's cross between Dan Deacon and Patrick Wolf (his climactic group hug orgy was nice'n'sweaty); female singer/songwriters - too many doing the same thing, blame Kate Miller Heidke (who was a weekend lowlight); I Heart Hiroshima - Brizzy power pop punk trio who pulled off two mighty sets (it's love); taxis in Perth - it's quicker to walk; Injured Ninja - Luke & Kathy Steele's lil bro proves he's the real talent in the family, fusing tek nu-metal with post-punk funk jams and getting it right enough times to be worth watching; wasted spaces - too many no-name acts on the main stages while bands like Wagons and Vents played corker sets on hidden away stages; Matt Larsen - Perth tween on his way to Billy Braggdom (covering The Cure scored him extra points); the streets - acts playing down alleyways, random street corners and venues around the city centre gave the fest a real SxSW vibe. All up, this was a festival run as it should be, scoring extra kudos for the great sound systems everywhere.

But the highlight highlight? The aforementioned Philly J's 'encore' that involved their ex-drummer (now with Art Vs Science) and current drummer beating each other off (so to speak) while the organisers try to stop them and the rest of the band start dismantling the kits.

Please Note: I work for Street Press Australia who flew I Heart Hiroshima to Perth to play at their One Movement showcase with Philadelphia Grand Jury.

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