Friday, September 4, 2009

Records I Stole From My Father - Pt.1

While I might be a shining light of musical taste and refinement now, it wasn't always so. Growing up I would dive into my Dad's record collection and search for musical adventure. My Mum had a few 7"s, but Dad had a stack of 7"s and about 100 long players (and control over our Kriesler record player). More often than not I would walk away thinking - "why the hell did he buy THESE records?". 'Adult-contemporary', or maybe 'middle of the road' would be a good description for most of the collection.

There were no records by any black artists. The edgiest record - or at least the record with the most dangerous hair - was Rod Stewart's 1977 album 'Foot Loose & Fancy Free'. Still, my Dad had a few Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash records, and some interesting French albums, so it wasn't all bad. In retrospect maybe I was a little harsh at the time, because over the years quite a few of his records have found their way into my collection.


Chet Atkins - 'Boo Boo Stick Beat' 1960

I always liked the wah-wah guitar and rockabilly drum break.


Mastie said...

If I stole records from my dad I would have ended up with a Lionel Rose 7"... who knew there were boxer/singers!

Adam Askew said...

I'll get you that Anthony Mundine boxset for Xmas.