Friday, May 8, 2009

Constanze Zikos - Death Mix

tardis style!Brand new mix from Constanze Zikos. When he's not creating, curating, or fighting the good fight... Constanze also finds time to DJ around town (at select venues, of course). Here's 30+ minutes of synth pop, electro and minimal wave.

'Death Mix' by Constanze Z (direct link)

Michael Hutchence - 'Rooms For The Memory' (WEA Records)
D'as Hirth - 'Niente' (Not On Label)
The Human League - 'The Black Hit of Space' (Virgin)
The Klinik - 'Black Leather' (Antler-Subway)
Das Ich - 'Unschuld Erde' (Danse Macabre)
Chromagain - 'Satisfied' (Supporti Fonografici)
Abolsute Body Control - 'So Obvious' (Body Records)
Pete Shelley - '111 (extd version)' (Immaculate Records)
Eric - 'Boy or Girl' (Break Records)

You can catch CZ live and in-person every Saturday night at the Carlton Hotel, and every other Friday at the Windsor Castle (both in Melbourne).

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