Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loin Brothers - Death Mix

smell the coconut oil"Two men in their mid-to-late twenties were brutally mauled by a tiger at Sydney's Taronga Zoo late last night. It is believed the pair, who police have identified as members of the '70s tribute/comedy band "Loin Brothers", had attempted to photograph themselves in the tiger enclosure. Police are as yet unsure how the duo managed to scale the 2.6 metre fence surrounding the enclosure. A blood-stained photo of magicians Siegfried & Roy, with their white Bengal tiger, found at the scene is believed to be the inspiration for the tragic event. Police are continuing with their investigation."

'Death Mix' by Loin Brothers (direct link)

Monsuier Erotique - 'Handsome Stud' unreleased
Babe Ruth - 'The Mexican (Loin Edit)' unreleased
Frederic Sinful - 'Crater Sand' (Discograph)
It's A Fine Line - 'Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repo.)' (History Clock)
Loin Brothers - 'Heavy Helmet (Radio Edit)' (Future Classic)
Willy DeVille - 'Heat of the Moment' (CBS)
Mark Almond - 'Riding Free' (EMI)

Loin Brothers' debut 12" 'Heavy Helmet' is out now on Future Classic.

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