Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ça Plane Pour Telex

So Plastic Bertrand has admitted that he didn't sing the vocals on the original recording of his 1977 hit 'Ca Plane Pour Moi'. However, we'll always have Telex's sinister synth version from 1979. Like Bertrand, Telex hailed from Belgium. Unlike Bertrand, the band supplied their own vocals on their recording. Telex's cover can be found on the Looking For Saint Tropez album alongside their hits 'Twist A Saint Tropez', 'Moskow Diskow' and, another cover, 'Rock Around The Clock'.

Telex - 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' (1979)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Grant & Robert in Canada

Grant McLennan and Robert Forster being interviewed on Canadian TV program 'MuchMusic' back in 1987. Proving sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Amazing World Of Record Inserts

... AKA those extra bits of paper that come inside record sleeves. Kind of like subscription cards that fall out of magazines, but usually alot more interesting. Mail order sheets, tour flyers, fan club info, love letters from record companies that don't exist anymore. They're a glimpse into a parallel world just beyond the piece of vinyl you hold in your hot little hands.

This is both sides of a New Alliance Records 7" insert, circa 1986-ish.

San Pedro, California sounds exotic.
Bummer... the Husker Du 'In A Free Land' 7" is out of stock.

click on through...magnetic re-issue

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Den Haan's Cock Is Hot

Don't be fooled into thinking Den Haan is some Norwegian cosmic house DJ who is slumming it with the pop plebs when he remixes Little Boots. Nah uh. Haan is actually the Glasgow-based team of Matthew Aldworth (aka Creme De Menthe of 'Plastique' notoriety) and Andrew Gardiner, two lads who happened to fall in with the Optimo crew while comparing Italo 12"s. Single #1, 'Night Shift/Theme From Den Haan' appeared in '07 on the short-lived Balearic label Dissident (also responsible for releases by The Off-Key Hat and Optimo's Naum Gabo project). Last year they had releases on their own The Courier Of Death label and Optimo Music. [The Courier label name being a nod to the soundtrack of a film they champion - another long, but worthy if true, story altogether.] On the remix front they have been selective and have nailed it each time, discofying The Phenomenal Handclap Band's '15 To 20' and, most recently, Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better'. Now they have unleashed their masterpiece 'Burning Cock Theme', the dark disco track that leads off the De Brandende Haan EP on Supersoul Recordings (the German camp out for blackstrobe). But before you get 'Burning Cock' (you can buy it from Juno) make sure you perve on their past money shots.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - '15 To 20 (Den Haan Remix)' (Tummy Touch, 2009)

Den Haan - 'Release The Beast' (Optimo Music, 2009)

Music credited to Daniel Fiebiger - Opening scene from Courier Of Death (Soundtrack on The Courier Of Death, 2009)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Erasers - Death Mix

going blank, again
In the spirit of interstate love, we present an exclusive Death Mix by Rupert from Perth group Erasers.

30+ minutes of post punk, hello fi, ghost sounds, left field pop, surfilosophy and new age truth.

'Death Mix' by Erasers (direct link)

TRACK LIST (with notes from Rupert Erasers):

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles - 'Dusted' (Sound & Fury)
This track is off The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles debut album 'Love Via Paper Planes'. Greg self released a bunch of CD-R EP's, but this record was released through Sound & Fury. This particular track was chosen because it is the shortest track on the album, the rest of the album is made up of 10-15 minute tracks. It's an album that is best listened to in isolation.
Craig McElhinney - 'Surfer Realisation' (Meupe)
For me is the stand out track off Craig's 'Loser Orientation' CD-R, released through Meupe. This release is the follow up to Craig's full length album 'You And Me Are Young And Brutal' also released through Meupe. Craig's fairly prolific, playing in heaps of improv based projects around town including WigWam and Splendid Friends. He constantly has new recordings and new projects and his live set seems to evolve every time I see him, his live show is a truly immersive experience.
Cease - 'Three' (Badminton Bandit)
The first time i saw Cease they were playing as a two piece, with long live sets of doomy guitars and sluggish drumming. On this record they have expanded to a three piece. Again this track is the shortest track off the release with the other tracks being around the 10-15 minute mark. Everything just works so well together throughout this release, the beats are awesome and the addition of bass to the band seems to give the tracks more structure and momentum. Released through Perth label Badminton Bandit also responsible for releasing the amazing Mental Powers album. Strongly suggest you buy both, well worth it.
The Wednesday Society - 'Pedant' (independent)
In my opinion these guys are probably one of the most under-appreciated bands in Perth. These were one of the first local bands I used to go see when i was still underage, along with Melange, Hoopers Store and Eleventh He Reaches London. They used to play heaps around town, but now they only play once every few months, if at all. This is a track off their debut and it was well worth the five or so years wait.
Explode Into Colors - 'Sharpen The Knife' (independent)
Nice three piece all girl band from Portland, Oregon. This track is on a tape i got off them titled 'The Sean Rocky Zach & Dekum Tape', which has since sold out. This is a really great song with amazing drumming and a great melodica led melody. They have also released a series of three 7"s through three different labels, Kill Rock Stars, M'Lady and Just For The Hell Of It Records.
Gold Tango - 'Just An Experiment' (Exo)
This track is off the debut EP by this Melbourne trio. Out through the great Melbourne label Exo Records, also home to Melbourne's Bachelor Of Arts and many more. This excellent three track EP and is something we have been listening to heaps. Can't wait to hear more.
Tickley Feather - 'Natural Natural' (Paw Tracks)
Out of somewhere in the U.S., this is a track off Tickley Feather's album out through Animal Collective's label Paw Tracks. The album is basically a collection or home recordings from the past few years, recorded to a 4 track. Rebecca enjoys a lot of this "left-field pop" kind of stuff.
Wind Waker - 'Jerka' (Heartless Robot Productions)
Three piece from Perth. This is a song off their debut EP, recorded by the band's bass player. A really great release out through local label Heartless Robot Productions, who have also put out the Predrag Delibasich 7" and helped fund the amazing 'Three Hams In A Can' documentary. This shows their more post-punky/ surf rock side, their newest songs are heading into a more proggy sound.
Downtown - 'Dumped' (independent)
After trying to get this CD-R for a long time from the band, I finally managed to get hold of a copy while in Melbourne a couple of years back. They are three girls from three different states and for that reason don't play live much. The CD was left for me behind the counter in a bagel shop in Fitzroy (presumably where one of them works). I was given no artwork or track listing, just a white disc with "DOWNTOWN" and a love heart written on in thick artline pen. Nisa from the band also plays in the awesome Fabulous Diamonds, another plays in Wasted Truth and I think another plays in a band called Good God who do a similar sort of thing, although i can't be sure.
New Order - 'Truth' (Factory)
This is from New Order's first album 'Movement', it's the only album I like by them, but seems to be the album that got the worst press. People were saying it just sounded like a worse version of Joy Division, but I don't agree with this. This is a great album and if you have listened to New Order and thought they were average, listen to this album.
Predrag Delibasich - 'The Serpent Bites The Young Lion' (Heartless Robot Productions)
This is the A side of the debut 7" single out through Heartless Robot Productions. Apparently this release was recorded with a cheap computer mic and a free music program. Predrag, or Pex as he is known around town has been involved with a whole bunch of different projects in Perth over the last few years, most of which leans towards the Punk side of things, this is completely the opposite of that, with processed drums and Eastern European folk influenced guitars. This project has evolved over time and is now a full band project
smRts with two drummers and three guitarists. This record was limited to 200 copies and is now pretty much sold out.

Erasers have a brand new 7" called 'Autumn' out now on Metal Postcard. Head over to their MySpace for east coast launch/tour dates (don't snooze, they're playing in Melbourne tonight).

And... keep your eyes peeled for a new tape release on US label Solid Melts later in the month.