Sunday, January 24, 2010

Al Chem - Something To Remember The Noughties By

It's taken a while for the magical powers of Berlin's Al Chem to enchant me - but the spell is finally working. The dubtronica folky evokes memories of 'The Man In The Black Sedan' by Snakefinger (1983) with 'No Hopper', a track that first surfaced on a Tummy Touch compilation back in 2004. Also recording as Alexander Christou, not a lot seems to have been released under his Chem guise. 'No Hopper' resurfaced on Tummy Touch honcho Tim Love Lee's set for the Coming Home series in '07 but the only other Chem to be got at that time was 'The Ladder Of Perfection' on the Berlin Insane lll comp (which also featured Marc Almond, Taylor Savvy and Whitey amongst other artistes that are too odd to garner wide attention). But listening to'No Hopper' now, it seems perfectly suited to the psyBalearic disco sounds that are currently circulating in the cosmos. Listen, watch, listen again...

'No Hopper' - Al Chem:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Favourites - Part 2

oh nine 2
Ten more tracks we had a soft spot for in 2009.

'2009 Favs - Pt.2' mixed by Adam Askew (direct link)

Peaches - 'Lose You' (XL Recordings)
Return To Sender - 'Dutch/Boyz/Dance Floor (Canyons rmx)' (On The Prowl)
Friendly Fires - 'Kiss Of Life' (XL Recordings)
The Delicate Genius - 'Suck It And See' (Hole In The Sky)
Ms Kitten & The Hacker - 'Party In My Head (TLU rmx)' (Nobody's Bizzness)
The BPA feat Iggy Pop - 'He's Frank' (Southern Fried)
Nacho Patrol - 'Hippo Aviation' (M-Division)
Coati Mundi - 'No More Blues' (Rong Music)
Peven Everett - 'Special (Timmy Regisford rmx)' (Trippin Records)
Jonathan Jeremiah - 'Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)' (Universal)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Favourites - Part 1

oh nine 1
Ten of our favourite tracks from oh-nine.

'2009 Favs - Pt.1' mixed by Adam Askew (direct link)

The Horrors - 'Who Can Say' (XL Recordings)
Super Wild Horses - 'What Started The Noise' (Aarght!)
Air - 'Sing Sang Sung' (Virgin)
JTC feat Rodger Devine - 'The Monolith' (Nation)
Seldom Felt - 'Seldom Felt 05' (Seldom Felt)
Kasabian - 'Secret Alphabets' (Paradise)
Pollyester - 'Round Clocks' (Love In C Minor)
Cobra Killer - 'Goodtime Girl' (Monika Enterprise)
Kurt Vile - 'He's Alright' (Matador)
Brain Children - 'Tastes Of Iron' (Stained Circles)