Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Delicate Genius - Death Mix

catz eyezIn the grip of a female voice.

A brand new Death Mix from The Delicate Genius.
7 records from near (as in recently released) and far...

'Death Mix' by The Delicate Genius (direct link)

Super Wild Horses - 'Blood' (Aarght!)
Pulsallama - 'Oui Oui (A Canadian In Paris)' (Y Records)
Camera Obscura - 'You Told A Lie' (4AD)
Stereolab - 'Tempter' (Sub Pop)
Effi Briest - 'Chromes On It' (Skinny Wolves Records)
Pollyester - 'Round Clocks' (Love In C Minor)
Bush Tetras - 'Things That Go Boom In The Night' (Fetish)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch - Harmon

and in my spare time...Upcoming release from MVO (Melbourne's Very Own) Harmon. How many styles can this man hold down? I've also posted the T-Rek dub of 'Play', which is a 2009 sleeper.

Harmon's 'Breakdancer' EP is out mid-December on Idiot House Records. Track it down on Beatport.

Harmon - Breakdancer (Harmon's Freestyle B-Side) (zShare link)

Harmon - Play (T-Rek Remix Dub) (zShare link)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Records I Stole From My Father - Pt. 5

doo-wayne-eddy, one of many
Duane Eddy - 'Rebel Walk' 1960

Both of my parents have a stack of early rock'n'roll 7"s, which is a bit strange for me, because I don't really associate either of them with rock music. I guess it does help to explain why my Mum was so into John Farnham's career resurrection (the first one), and why Dad spent alot of his weekends listening to 3KZ (now Classic Hits Gold 104.3 FM radio) on a transistor radio and working away on our family car.

Grubby who?
There's a family rumor that a photograph exists of me wearing one of Dad's old three-quarter overcoats a la Whispering Jack. It's also said I had a haircut that featured 'short sides and some length at the back'. It all sounds a bit far fetched to me though...