Friday, April 24, 2009

Adam Askew - Death Mix

in your belfry!I love alot of music.

I love alot of music from New Zealand.

I love alot of music on the Flying Nun record label.

AND, of course... I love The Bats.

So... here's ten of my favourite songs from The Bats. Starting near the beginning of their recording career in the mid 1980's, and going all the way up to their latest album.

'Death Mix' by Adam Askew (direct link)

The Bats - 'Joes Again' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Had To Be You' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Daddy's Highway' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Get Fat' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Ten To One' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Smoking Her Wings' (Flying Nun Records)
The Bats - 'Slow Alight' (Mammoth Records)
The Bats - 'Things' (Magic Marker Records)
The Bats - 'Later On That Night' (Arch Hill)
The Bats - 'Like Water In Your Hands' (Arch Hill)

The Bats' latest album, 'The Guilty Office', is out now on New Zealand label Arch Hill (due for wider release soon). And... keep your eyes out for a brand new Songs/The Bats split 7" on Sydney label The Spring Press.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blancmange Back In The Kitchen

While UK '80s duo Blancmange may be best remembered as the 'zany' electro pop team behind break-out club hit 'Living On The Ceiling', pop culture vultures tend to overlook the team's darkly funky side that emitted the likes of 'God's Kitchen'. It's 27 years since they released the Happy Families album that was home to those aforementioned cuts, but they have returned with new material... and if it seems odd to say it was 'worth the wait'... well, it was. It's modern. It's still electric-ish. It's certainly less shameful than their '80s electro/dance contemporaries who hawk their arses on the retro circuit and way ahead of their non-retro-rollicking contemporaries Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke's Erasure, both who seem content rehashing sounds they settled on post-heyday.

'Drive Me' - Blancmange:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adam Askew - Death Mix

change! makes you wanna hustleRecorded live Friday 13th March 2009 @ 'South Side Hustle', Melbourne.

30+ minutes of ba-ba-ba-bumping disco and new wave!

'Death Mix' by Adam Askew (direct link)

Capricorn - 'Capricorn (inst.) ' (Emergency)
Patrick Cowley - 'Mind Warp' (Megatone Records)
Den Haan - 'Night Shift' (Dissident)
The Delicate Genius - 'Mz Honda Bassline' (Hole In The Sky)
Two Tons Of Fun - 'Do You Wanna Boogie (Music Works dub)' (BBE)
Thieves Like Us - 'Fass' (Kitsune Music)
xVectors - 'Your Love' (O.S.C.a.R.R.)
The Delicate Genius - 'Up Down Turn Around' CDr
Love Supreme - 'Pork Chop Express' (Tirk)