Thursday, February 19, 2009

Junji Masayama - Death Mix

Junji!A brand new 30min disco mix from Melbourne producer/vinyl junkie/DJ-extraordinaire Junji Masayama.

'Death Mix' by Junji Masayama (direct link)

Dogs Of War - 'Future Jungle' (Generation Records)
The Love Symphony Orchestra - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' (Talpro)
John Gibbs - 'Trinidad' (Jumbo Caribbean Disco)
African Suite - 'Grass' (MCA Records)
H.Manfredini & M.Zager - 'Theme From Friday 13th Pt 3' (Gramavision)
True Image - 'Keep Me Dancing (Junji edit)' CDr
Little Scotty - 'Shout At The Disco' (Sound Of New York)

Keep an eye out for Junji's debut 12" 'Green Circle', due out March 16th on UK label Bear Funk.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Vibrations 09 - Melbourne

Good Vibrations (last Sunday) was a nice day-out in the sunshine... the indoor disco/hip-hop/tent action was lots of fun too!

(hover your mouse over the pics for details)
main stage
me + Knightlife, unplugged
serious mixing
ladies + sunglasses
a banner, some DJs + some numbers
Paz, representing for Northcote!
The Pharcyde @ the Roots stage
the program
Q-Tip + band + Miami Horror's head

Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Cut A Long Spandau Reunion Short

It was insulting enough that last year Australia was attacked by a casino and tabaret tour of former Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley. And to make matters worse it was a double bill with the far lesser Paul Young (does anyone remember his blue-eyed soulless rape of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'?). "Ah well," we thought, "guess we'll never see Spandau so this'll do..." But nuh-uh. After years of nasty nasty lawsuits it looks like the '80s new romantic funksters-turned-GoldFM-staple have buried the bloodied hatchets and are reforming for a UK tour despite the band's core Kemp brothers not needing the cash, seeing as one of them is a rich actorly type nowadays (see: EastEnders, the same UK soap Goldie and Altered Images' Clare Grogan slunk of too). But here's the rub - looks like Australia won't be getting the Spandau tour... no, instead we get told that The Human League are back to Oz again, still churning out the Dare hits, at V Fest alongside the once-mighty/now-desperate Madness (the Sadness singer's TV career didn't do so well). But when you think about it, will we really be missing much not seeing the Spand-exes all getting their Ballet on again? You can bet your bottom euro that the band are getting paid mighty bucks by a promoter wanting to milk the band's post-romantic arena albums, True and Parade. Both are yeuch! A Spandau gig would only be worth the $150+ ticket price if they played only cuts from their wonderfully electro and funky first two albums, Journeys To Glory and Diamond. We deserve to never hear Gold again, only luxuriously indulgent extended jams of 'Chant No 1', 'The Freeze' and 'Musclebound'. Considering that Hadley's desperation to stay-in/return-to the spotlight has led him to record with Tin Tin Out, take part in Band Aid, release a track on Positiva, tour with Paul Young, etc... there's no way he will risk funking his comeback into clubspotting obscurity. Too bad 'cos those first two Spandau albums are greater than anything those other '80s phoney romantic romantics think they have contributed to Planet Earth's discography.

Let's hark back to the days when Spandau were considered a menace to society and not an anthem for classic radio playlists. It's 1981's controversial 'Paint Me Down' clip (well, less controversial and more "oo-er, missus, the boys have lost their clothes and tickling themselves rainbow-coloured...."):

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2008 Favourites - Part 2

Brand new? You're retro.

It's February already, but here's part 2 of our favourite tracks from 2008.

'2008 Favs - Pt.2' replayed by Adam Askew (direct link)

Ghost Note - 'Pissed And Passed Out' (Golf Channel Recordings)
Portishead – ‘Machine Gun’ (Universal)
Mahjongg - 'Problems' (K)
The Dodos - 'Fools' (Wichita)
James Pants - 'We're Through' (Stones Throw Records)
Army Navy - 'Get Right Back' CDr
The Black Keys - 'Strange Times' (Shock)
Goldfrapp - ‘Caravan Girl’ (Mute/EMI)
Free Blood - 'Royal Family' (ACTH Recordings)
Den Haan - 'Night Shift' (Dissident)

Ssion Super Size Bonus

Just as we were musing the powerful allure of Kansas kult kidz Ssion, we stumbled on their remix of 'Big Boy' by former Junior Senior singer Jeppe (above). Fresh from trying out for the honour of representing Denmark in Eurovision (and getting pipped at the post by a Ronan Keating-penned song... hey, Ron's not even Danish, how's that work?), Jeppe has put his mighty piece in Ssion's filthy hands and cum up with a Bronski Beat-kinda anthem for a nukweer generation. Curious? Well, Jeppe's willing to give it away (thank you, kind sir) - but make sure you check the clip too.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colour Me Ssion

Okay, it might seem a little late to just be jumping on the Ssion bandwagon at this point in time but, as the mumsaying goes, better late than wanking off over Lady Gaga. The first time I spotted Ssion across the dancefloor I thought they may have been trying too hard to be to-queer-for-beer, y'know... "not ANOTHER bunch of scary queer cashers?" But then I couldn't resist it when they shot a load of 'Street Jizz' my way. Talk about happy endings. But I was completely smitten by the time they got all fembeat on my ass with 'The Woman' - it's the sequel to Helen Reddy we've all been waiting for... Madonna, eat me! (Actually, no don't eat me... not into GILFing). I finally threw away my Promise Ring and promised Ssion a different ring when they covered Young Marble Giants' 'Credit In A Straight World' (also reworked by Hole back in the day when Courtney Love seemed most likely to snatch Reddy's crown). And even though I caught Ssion with another cover I didn't care - the more the merrier. So, Kansas City kids Ssion have had a go at Iggy Pop's 'Nightclubbing' and done it as much justice as Grace Jones did with back in '78.

Ssion - 'Nightclubbing':